Call Features

Music on hold

When a call is placed on hold, music will be played to the held party

Call Parking

A park orbit is a parking space in the cloud for a call. You may park a call in a park orbit from anywhere by just transferring to the orbits extension, and then retrieve it from anywhere by dialing the orbit extension. While the call is parked in the orbit, you can specify what hold music is played to them and where the call will go if it is unanswered for a given amount of time. Configuration of Parking lots is covered here

Call Transfer

Any user may transfer calls to any other user, or any phone number

Call Reputation

If enabled on the account RingRx will perform reputation look-ups on all inbound calls and prefix the CallerID if scams or fraud are detected.


Conference rooms can be created to allow for reservation-less or ad-hoc conferences. Rooms can be shared across the whole organization or assigned to one or more users specifically as moderators.

  • You will see details for all your rooms on the conferencing tab of the portal.
  • If a room is denoted as public, users outside your organization may dial in using the shown access numbers and room codes
  • Users inside the organization may join the room by just dialing the extension
  • Until a moderator has joined a room, users may join it but cannot speak to each other.

Details on configuring conferencing and the various modes can be found here


Rooms with no explicit moderators assume that everyone in the organization is a moderator.

Dial By Name

A text-to-speech IVR application that allows users and callers to locate and call the correct person using only their name.

  • All User accounts in the domain will be available to be dialed. Users cannot be excluded from this
  • The Name field on the user account is what will be used for matching and text-to-speech.


Avoid using prefixes, titles, degrees and codes in the name field if you intend to use dial by name

  • Matches are from the beginning of the name so 7 will match names beginning with p, q, r or s but not all names containing those letters

This can be used internally via a star code here

Or via an Auto Attendant as a menu action here

Privacy Defender

This feature works in conjunction with Call reputation to provide a multi-layered approach to filtering scam and unwanted calls. This filtering is selectable per-user, with calls failing the screening criteria being redirected directly to voicemail.

At most levels screening is done by our unique tele-captcha application. If your call settings determine a call needs to be screened by the tele-captcha, we will prompt the caller that you have a spam filter and challenge them to enter a short digit sequence to prove they are human. If they pass this test, their number will be flagged as such and they will never be bothered by it again, if they fail, their call will be sent to voicemail and the call will be tagged in the call logs for easy reporting.

The levels you can set this to are:

DND:All calls are sent directly to voicemail.
Contacts Only:Only callers in your personal contacts list will ring your phone. everyone else is sent to voicemail
Filter All:All calls, regardless of spam likelihood will be filtered by the tele-captcha
Filter Low Spam:
 Low likelihood and up spam calls will be filtered. No spam probability calls will not be
Filter Med Spam:
 Medium likelihood and up spam calls will be filtered. Low and No spam probability calls will not be
Filter High Spam:
 Only high likelihood spam calls will be filtered. This will catch the least but has the fewest false positives as well.

Additionally there are two options for special number classes

Don’t Filter Invalid Telephone Numbers:
 If a number is not a valid phone number, we will automatically consider it as spam if Privacy Defender is enabled at all, and the call will be filtered by the Tele-Captcha. If you like, this behavior can be disabled by ticking this box.
Don’t Filter Toll-Free Telephone Numbers:
 Calls from Toll-Free numbers are by default treated as spam and are filtered by the Tele-Captcha if privacy defender is enabled at all. If you like, this behavior can be disabled by ticking this box.


The Tele-Captcha will never engage against an internal call from another member of your organization, or against a personal contact


If privacy defender is not enough you can engage our blacklist feature which allows you to enforce hard blocks on certain calling numbers.

Things to know about the blacklist

  • The blacklist is always active. Just adding a number to it will start it working
  • The blacklist is user-centric. A user blocking a number wont prevent other users from receiving a call from that number. To do this organization wide you would need a phone number rule.
  • All entries have an action AND an expiration when the rule will be deleted
  • You may have up to 100 rules in your blacklist.

Per-number you can define how the blacklist works:

Reject:Matching calls will be rejected as busy (or hung up if transferred to you by an auto-attendant)
Voicemail:Matching calls will be sent to your voicemail without ringing you

Anytime a blacklist entry is matched, the CDR will be tagged as blacklist as well so you will still see the call occurred and why your phone may not have rung when it did.


Use short blocks for spam calls. Spam callers rotate callerID frequently and usually won’t use the same number beyond a few weeks.

Star Codes

Call Hop

A user can cause a call to hop across his endpoints seamlessly by using *52. If a user is on a call on one endpoint, such as their desk phone, and wants to continue the conversation from their mobile app, they simply dial *52 from their mobile and the call will be moved to the mobile

activate star code:
  • You can only hop the most recently active call in case there are multiple
  • A call can be hopped multiple times
  • A call cannot be hopped across extensions. For this you must use transfer, or park and retrieve

Directed Call Pickup

A user can pickup a ringing call on someone elses extension if they know that extension

activate star code:
  • *53 + ringing extension: for ex *53102 will pickup the call ringing on extension 102
  • Once answered a call cannot be picked up this way

Call Forward

A user can call forward their own extension to a new number from any registered endpoint using:

activate star code:
de-activate star code:
  • *72 + Number to forward to
  • For Example: *728185551212 will set the forward behavior to mobile AND set mobile to 8185551212
  • *73 reverts this setting
  • In the above example this will set forward behavior back to “Ring by phone” but will not change the mobile number

Call Forward Location

A user can call forward all phone numbers in their location (commonly used for after-hours workflows)

activate star code:
de-activate star code:
  • *62 + Number to forward to
  • For Example: *628185551212 will set forward to true on ALL phone numbers matching the users location AND set their forward destination to “8185551212’
  • *63 reverts this setting
  • In the above example this will set forward to false on ALL phone numbers matching the users location

Block CallerID

A user can cause callerID to be withheld for one single call by prefixing that with *67

activate star code:
  • *67 + Number
  • For Example: *678185551212 will call 8185551212 but the callerID will show up as Unknown, or Private
  • You cannot withhold callerID within the organization

Recording Studio

A user can access a recording application that will immediately email the recording to them at hangup.

activate star code:
  • *732 (this spells rec)
  • This is limited to 3 minutes per recording and will email to the email on file for the dialing user
  • Non-users cannot access this (via transfer etc, it will not work)

Dial by Name directory

Access the organizations dial-by-name directory. This is the exact same application that is used in the auto-attendants

  • *347 (this spells dir)
  • Works exactly the same as the auto attendant action and is described here

Access Voicemail

The user can check their voicemail using their connected RingRx device

activate star code:

Direct to Voicemail

A user can dial directly into someones voicemail box by prefixing their extension with *90

activate star code:
  • *90 + ext

Group Login/Logout

A user can login to or logout of a group that has login/logout enabled

activate star code:
de-activate star code:
  • *91 + group ext
  • *92 + group ext

IVR Override

A user can toggle the manual override state of an IVR by dialing *487 + the extension of the IVR they want to effect

activate star code:
  • *487 + ext


The IVR must have manual override configured for this to work.


A user can cause the called desk phone to immediately go off-hook like an intercom allowing instant 2-way communication without the far side answering using *99

activate star code:
  • *99 + ext
  • This Only works with supported endpoints (Does not work on cordless handsets, mobile apps and other non desk phones.

Echo Test

This is a purely diagnostic extension that simply echoes back everything.

activate star code:
  • *0000